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Let J&S Technologies help bring your idea to market. Stop getting taken advantage of by companies with big advertising budgets who solicit inventions.

To the Entrepreneur and the Inventor

Hello, my name is John Geigle, CEO of J&S Technologies, and in 1994 such a company took advantage of me. After paying them more than $8,000.00, I was still very disappointed with their service and nothing went to market as a result. Out of this experience arose the idea to start J&S Technologies. What happened to me has led to the creation a new and better business model that will really help the individual inventor get to market. Included in this model is a free evaluation for validity of concept and potential market receptivity.

During our 10 years in business we have developed a large network of manufacturers and sales representatives to assist in the concept-to-market process. The only funding that we require is for the development of your prototype. Included in that cost is the creation of temporary tooling, packaging for manufacturing quotes and sales rep. samples. We can also recommend a good patent attorney or agent if you need one.

Our process

  • – The Inventor and J&S Technologies sign a non-disclosure agreement for the idea.
  • – The Inventor then discloses the idea.
  • – We evaluate your idea for the validity of the concept and its market worthiness.
  • – We give you a quote for manufacturing the prototype — packaging and temporary molds are included.
  • – We will recommend a patent attorney or agent, upon request.
  • – Once the quote is accepted and payment is received, we will create your prototype.
  • – When the prototype is completed, we will obtain quotes for general production, both in the US and China. This is a free service.
  • – After we obtain competitive pricing, we submit a sample to our sales representatives who will take it to market. This step is also free.

If a purchase order is procured we then negotiate with you for manufacturing and sales licensing. If you decide to take the manufacturing on yourself, we are also available for consultation in that area.

The bottom line of this process is that you, the inventor, get a tangible prototype and a real team to helping your idea get to market, NOT a bunch of promises and passivity. Our prototypes are usually priced significantly lower than most inventor help companies, which so often give the inventor false hopes, large charges, and a lot of useless paper.

We also offer an alternative to tangible prototypes when cost or complexity is an issue — a virtual prototype. A virtual prototype is a computer-generated 360o moveable 3D prototype with auto motion. Demonstrate your product’s functionality with your laptop using high-tech motion capabilities. You can spin it, rotate it, enlarge it; in other words, move the virtual prototype with the ease of your mouse.

The process outlined above is designed to partner with the inventor in getting his or her idea to market. But we are also amenable to simply building your prototype, if you already have the necessary marketing and legal assistance, or supplying any step in the above process such as consulting or networking.

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John Geigle
Model Maker / CEO J&S Technologies