Casting, Molding and Vacuum Forming

Your project or idea requires tangible solutions; our casting department will provide you with real results. The casting department at J&S Technologies will help you realize your needs, anything from a one off prototype parts to large production runs. Our capabilities include pressure casting, vacuum casting, rotational and metal spin casting processes. Our casting department is adept at using a wide range of materials including clear and opaque resins, tinted resin, expanding and self skinning foams and rubber elastomeric materials in a wide range of densities. Our cast parts can be found in use in a wide range of industries, including; automotive, industrial, medical, educational, exhibits, gaming and hobby. Depend upon J&S Technologies and our years of experience to find a solution for your cast urethane part needs.

Do you have an idea or product? At J&S Technologies we can design and build any casting for a wide range of consumer and industrial markets. If repeat casting is projected, we will store the molds for future production. Some customers have used the same molds for several years and they can rely on us to store them safely.


  • – Elastomeric-based
  • – Flexible foam
  • – Gel elastomer
  • – High-temp elastomer
  • – In-mold coating
  • – Insert molding
  • – Optically clear parts
  • – Rigid foam
  • – Self-skinning foam
  • – Spray elastomer
  • – Post coating capability

Industries served:

  • – Hobby, Toy and Game
  • – Gift
  • – Premium and Award
  • – Advertising
  • – Education
  • – Prototypes, when production runs are needed
  • – Athletic and Exercise equipment

We can serve many other industries and are currently producing more than 300,000 parts per year. Contact us


  • – Bonding, both chemical and mechanical.
  • – In Mold Coating, including UV and chemical-resistance and anti-bacterial: precise color matching.
  • – Insert or over mold, in metal, plastic, wood, fiberglass, and many more.
  • – Open-pour compression molded packaging, including custom boxing, bulk and individual full packaging, and labeling
  • – Liquid casting
  • – Post Coating, using polyurethane, lacquer, latex, and more
  • – Pre-production fabrication, in metal, plastic, wood, fiberglass, and many more
  • – Post-production, including shearing, machining, grinding, drilling and trimming
  • – RTM – Resin Transfer Molding

Vacuum forming

  • 36” X 24″  platen machine
  • 24″ X 18″  platen machine
  • 48″ X 96″ platen machine
  • Limited and production runs

Rapid Prototyping machine

  • Form 2 and Raise 3D plus system and Eden 250 3D printing machines

Roto casting machine

  • X1 6′ X 6′ Roto casters with a 1,500 pound capacity
  • X1 3′ X 3′ Roto caster with a 500 pound capacity
  • 24″ X 24″ size
  • Capacity 100 lbs mold and material
  • Limited and production runs

Spin casting machine

  • Up to 14″ radial molds
  • For casting urethane and white metals

Pressure and vacuum casting

  • Urethane shore A and D resins
  • Polyfoams, elastomerics, Rigid and clears tinted virtually any color
  • Chamber sizes production capabilities of 250,000 parts per year
  • X4 Chambers 12″ X 12″
  • X4 chambers 15″ X 24″
  • X2 chambers 14″ X 48″
  • X4 chambers 24″ X 48″
  • Limited and production runs

Meter mix casting machines

  • ½ oz to 150lb castings at one time
  • Meter mix machine
  • 1/10 oz to 150lb at one time
  • Limited and production runs

Molding Capabilities

  • Vacuum form patterns and molds
  • Wood, resin or metal
  • RTV rubber molds any size

Fiberglass molds any size

  • Metal lathe
  • Milling machine CNC
  • Complete fabrication shop 6,000 sq ft
  • 5,000 sq ft back lot


  • Any type paint
  • Brush or spray
  • Airless and conventional

Custom fabrication of Wood metal plastic foams and fiberglass

  • Laser cutting
  • Metal etching
  • Cad/photoshop
  • Maya/lightwave
  • Custom graphics

We also handle

  • Electronics computer control miniature lighting
  • Motorizing of practical props
  • All radio control applications